this article we talk about how to earn money on medium by writing article.If you don't learn through precious article. In this article you will find earning method through medium by its partner program and affiliate marketing.

How to make money on medium| Earn through medium partner program 

What Is Medium? is an online publishing platform. A new writer can start their own blog on Medium to make money online and earn passive income. This makes it attractive to active writers. There are strategies a freelance writer can use to create great content and increase claps to get into the top writer category.

Medium is the best platform and has millions of traffic which can be really helpful for bloggers to make money.The platform has no frills and if you follow their guidelines you can get the most out of medium publications.

For bloggers, Medium ranks well in search engines because the algorithm favors the platform. So you are more likely to find your audience here than on WordPress. A single story on a medium will outperform the same article on your own blog or website.

How does the middle platform work?

To publish your blog post on Media, you must first register. You can choose to contribute to featured story publications or publish your own individual posts. If you sign up with Facebook or Twitter, your connections will automatically start following your Medium account. As a content publisher, you also have editing rights.

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To make money writing on the platform, you need to create your profile and get people to follow you. Medium has a membership program, which means users pay a reader membership fee that allows them to read and write as many articles as they want. has a lot of great content and active authors. Search engines prefer the platform and their monthly subscription is high. Your Medium stories are more likely to be read by a wider audience. There are also publications on Medium. Some of the publications pay their authors and all have editors who review the work before it is accepted.

You'll also find plenty of articles telling you that blogging on Medium is a waste of time. These articles claim that the Medium Partner Program does not pay well. They show that there is only a small percentage of mediocre writers who make money writing articles for mediocre.